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Conclave of the Shadow is an Alliance Casual Raiding / Social Guild on Dath'Remar.
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Another Monday, Another Magmaw Kill

stevensn, Mar 21, 11 7:33 AM.
Another Monday, Another Magmaw Kill. 

Some very good attempts on Omnitron Defense System, down to 48% on our first night. 

 Magmaw dropped the following lootz;
- Evilkorbin obtained Parasitic Bands
- Darksbane obtained Lifecycle Waistguard

First Blackwing Decent Boss Down

stevensn, Mar 15, 11 3:43 AM.
Congratulations to everyone in attendance last night for the first boss kill "Magmaw" in Blackwing Decent . Not a bad effort considering this was only our 2nd 1 hour night on a complex fight.

Magmaw also dropped the following for our friends:
- Magnusone obtained Lava Spine
- Beladam obtained Incineratus
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